Fresh on the heels of sold out shows in Canada, Monster Spectacular show is roaring into SAINT JOHN HARBOUR STATION on May 19 2017. Fans will see some of the biggest, baddest monster trucks on the planet rattling the roof of the Harbour Station. The adrenaline will be pumping with side by side racing, freestyle and a unique wheely contest.

World Champion Jimmy Creten, who has redesigned both the truck and the graphic design of the world famous BOUNTY HUNTER will be as aggressive as always with the 1,500 horsepower at his disposal to try to fend off challengers to his title.

One of the wildest drivers is Ben Winslow, who drove RED BARON to a spectacular crash during the final Monster Spectacular event of last season. The man for Louisiana will no doubt live up to his catch phrase “No pain, no gain” when he makes his unique freestyle !

Another world champion, Jim Kohler AVENGER will also take part in this metal carnage ! This famous truck will be making his first ever performance in the Maritimes.

The mad dog BRUTUS will also be racing that night.

Always a show that features spectacular motorsports entertainment, Monster Spectacular brings back QUAD WARS performing the most amazing indoors racing to astound and amaze fans and impress the judges. Pro Speed Bike stuns, new with Monster Spectacular for 2017, features two members of the world famous PRO SPEED’S EXTREME RIDERS performing never before seen stunts on road racing motorcycles. Twisting the throttle hard, these two technicians perform no handed Wheelies, Front Wheel Stands, Chain Saw Zeros and more – even standing straight up on the tank will flying across the arena at full speed. Friday May 19th at 7:30 PM ! One night only

Call the Box Office 657-1234 or toll free 1-800-267-2800


Link direct to the ONLINE TICKET Site here


$3 On Site

$2 Long Wharf

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- This is a VERY LOUD show. Hearing Protection strongly suggested

- This show creates strong exhaust fumes, be advised.